Friday, May 15, 2020

best spring day thus far

In likely the best day for diversity and numbers, today held true with southwest winds and overcast skies bringing the birds. Both Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery (GWC) recorded over 100 species today. GWC had a few clusters that busily kept birders glued to the spot. Im going to mention what I read from tweets and henceforth. There were a few notable rarities and good birds to report.

In GWC, on the east slope of Central Avenue and Vale Avenue, a cluster occurred there. The best appearance of a warbler species was BayBreasted and Ovenbird. The uncommon former was in several places but started at Central/Vale. Ryan Goldberg whose checklist I posted previously, reported 2 Blackburnian and BayBreasted. An immature Orchard Oriole and Yellow billed Cuckoo put in an appearance, Other warblers were present. A number of Swainson Thrushes with good numbers of OVenbirds held the ground. The White Pine and cypresses there got all the action.

Going south to the magical intersection of Cypress and Vine Aves, there commenced a fallout on a redwood tree i gather or adjoining trees. With a decent number of warbler species, 4 Baybreasted warblers and 2 male Blackburnian warblers put on a show.

To the east of that intersection, an Olive sided Flycatcher was seen on Atlantic Ave curve at Vine Path.This  area is called Ocean Hill.a good migrant trap,

Looking at the checklist  several nice birds could be noted. They are Solitary Sandpiper,White crowned Sparrow ,Hooded Warbler, Yellow throated Vireo,Field Sparrow, Summer Tanager,Broadwinged Hawk, Lincolns Sparrow,Willow Flycatcher, and Tennessee Warbler.

Prospect did very well today with 104 species. Highlight was the MOURNING WARBLER seen on the Peninsula Thumb, found by Janet Zinn. It was a singing bird that stuck around thru the morning.
Also,a few clusters occurred there from scant information I read.

At the Carousel, Adelia H reported good activity. Multiple BayBreasted Warbler with Tennessee, Wilsons and a number of other warblers.

A Hooded Warbler held ground at Lookout HIlltop says Richard P. On the lower slope A Blue Grosbeak flew in and perched low in the meadow middle according to Russ A.

Sean Sime, birding maestro had a good list. Inclusive was his report of Tennessee Warblers. Singing Hooded Warbler on the south lake shore opposite Duck Island; Linclons and White-crowned Sparrows on the Rink Greenroof of Lefrak Center.; multiple Baybreasted Warblers on Lookout Hills summit.

Best for Butterfly Meadow ,a roosting Common Nighthawk at the northwest corner got attention. Found by Max Epstein a number of birders checked off the bird sleeping in the Oak.Blackpoll Warblers are in given their mid month timeline.

Going to Prospect's checklist look at these notables. Hooded Warbler,Olive sided Flycatcher,Wormeating and Cape May Warblers,Yellow throated Vireo,Orchard Oriole, Indigo Bunting,Blackburnian Warbler , Great Crested Flycatcher,late Eastern Phoebe, Blue winged Warbler and Black-billed Cuckoo.

Its too bad in these abnormal times we are having with COVID, many birders are nervous to go out. Theres always next year.

Good boiding today for those with courage.