Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday's rollover good birding

The good birding continued over into Saturday from yesterday's good wave. Both Prospect and Greenwood cemetery benefited nicely today.

First we begin with Prospects highlights . The Mourning Warbler continues but whether it was yesterday's bird remains  to be seen as Ryan Mandlebaums sighting reported it at Quaker Cemetery entrance. Another Ryan,Candee to be exact reported a Summer Tanager at the Breeze Hill feeders area before the bird flew east.

Warbler were pretty good today as famed Tom Stephenson reported thousands I guess with his fantastic hearing,of course. Highlights with warblers are numerous Tennessee, decent number Cape Mays,Canada, and Hooded ,the latter at Esdale bridge. Also Baybreasteds ,Blackburnian and Blackpool at Lookout hill summit and North Grand Army plaza park entrance.

A few good other birds popped in as well. Those were Yellow billed cuckoo,Gray cheeked Thrush ,Yellow bellied
Flycatcher and those other usuals at a termite hatchout at the base of Maryland Monument..

Greenwood has its share but the big moment remains the magical Beech tree at Cypress and Vine avenues. There was a reported high of 18 warbler species tallied there.  It's very likely the tree is hosting a lot of insects.

Rob  Jett mentioned his good fortune of seeing ten warbler species in that time span. A good spot was the Steepside path overlooking Sylvan Water. This was where the Yellow breasted Chat was refound after a days absence,reported by Gus Gonzalez.

A top warbler for the GWC  locale is Tennessee warbler in various locations.

Check the checklist s for more details .Sunday looks good for birding but likely petering out as migrants hurry northward.