Thursday, May 14, 2020

Prospect the right neighbor HOOD

It seems that Prospect was the right neighborhood to go to today. A total of three likely different HOODED WARBLERS surfaced in a few spots; and CERULEAN Warbler popped in as well.

The first Hooded report a female  was on the bridle trail at Rick's Place on the north side of Boulder Bridge per Doug G. It was here in this general area the CERULEAN was reported by the Warbler Guide himself Tom Stephenson

Then two male Hoodeds added the total. One occurred at Lookout Hill top seen by Ryan Candee. Then the second report at Lullwater midsection was the second male as both tweets happened the same time..

Again keeping it brief for myself check prospects checklist..

Be sure to bird tomorrow as a warm air flow and hot temperatures means more birds maybe a party crasher. Thru it all though please be safe and socially distance yourself..

Best of luck