Thursday, May 14, 2020

Greenwood doing pretty well

It's likely during this difficult time thay more birders are scouring GWC to avoid prospecting the neighboring more crowded park. Because Greenwood was quite hot today.

Top boid  to report for a new arrival was KENTUCKY WARBLER. Coming out towards a birder who promptly snnapped an I photo she told Gabriel Willow who refound the bird soon after. Its location was pinned near Central avenue between Dell and Pine Avenues.

Meanwhile at Dell water and Crescent pond both the Blue Grosbeak and Yellow breasted Chat continued. The Grosbeak hung in the European elm tree I presumed overlooking Dellwater; the Chat continues to visit the Holly tree for pickings,that tree on the crescent West shore as well as the neighboring Crabapple.

There's a bunch of stuff around so rather summarizing it all take a look at the checklist