Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Latest VARIED THRUSH 3/20 early eve

Tonight, upon a request from some birders who were on my impromptu Sunday walk wanted to see the bird after their miss then, I refound the VARIED THRUSH (VATH) . After looking along the southern slope of Quaker Ridge from the bridle trail from 530-600 PM, I succeeded in finding the bird by scanning the hillside with my bins ( not naked eye), the thrush 200 feet west of the Falkill Falls south sloping path, about 100 feet up the hill. 

It wasn't offering good views but placing myself and my birding friends at the curve of the fence nearest lamppost G103, we were able to see the VARIED THRUSH well enough , halfway up the hillside behind a large ash or mulberry tree with a whitish wound in its bark. See the latest map I revised to get an idea of where. You may have to scan with binoculars for the leaf flipping bird ( think Towhee ) as it generally favors this area most of the time this southern hillside with other birds and robins. It was still there up to 7 PM.

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Also seen during the VATH search, a RED-SHOULDERED HAWK juvenile perched at the ridge top; BROWN CREEPER along the bridle trail. 

Prospect Lake still hosts 2 COMMON MERGANSERs hens now here fora week, 3 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS ( uncommon /rare for the lake) drakes, with HOODEDS as well. NORTHERN SHOVELERS numbered about 25.

Overshadowed by the VATH , WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLs would have taken front stage. This morning, I found 4 , some carrying sweetgum seed balls to the low Pin Oak branches over Arleen's Pines (grove) , two males , 2 females . Sorry guys, the VATH is the prima donna these days.. Next time... ( like come back next winter ?)