Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 21st Prospect,Where thou art Spring ?

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Winter finches descended upon Butterfly Meadow, going from the north Pin Oak ( next to Arleen's Pines) to the ground cluttered with leaves ,sweet gum seed balls and broken twigs, a smorgasbord field for the finches appetite.

First noted, 6 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS dominated the early rush, then later just before noon, 11 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were seen in that tree, oftentimes carrying sweet gum seed balls up to the low perches. At this time about , Peter Colen witnessed numerous PINE SISKINS in the same Pin Oak, about 16 Siskins that came down to the meadow field to feed alongside with the Crossbills that came down as well. Oblivious of our presence, me, Peter , then later Rob Bate enjoyed the scene.

Earlier in the morning, Peter Colen spotted an overflying Osprey over the Long Meadow , heading towards the Nethermead around 930 AM. Pics were taken but from the far distance could not be determined until I saw the photo....This is the first of the season for Osprey at the Park ( IN JBWR,the resident  Coley arrived yesterday)

On the Lake, 1 COMMON MERGANSER with 4 REDBREASTED MERGANSERs and the lone HORNED GREBE continued their stay.

A GREEN WINGED TEAL drake now is friends with the GADWALL on the Upper Pool. I'll post the photo above ...

Over at Greenwood Cemetery, Orrin Tilevitz reported 11 WOOD DUCKs that landed and promptly took off, by the Woodbine ( not kidding) Path  north of Vista Ave between Oak Leaf ave and the Woodbine Path.  In addition, AMERICAN WOODCOCK as well....

Ebird post : I could not find the meadowlark where it was on Sunday, but consolation prizes
this morning were a woodcock in a gully and a flock of 11 wood ducks swooping in
to the Sylvan Water and immediately taking off, flying north out of the
cemetery. Also a phoebe (or two).

The day is still "freezing" young for more reports.


Addenum:  by virtue of cell phone post above, apparently the VARIED THRUSH was seen today  in the general area I found it eve of 3/20. observers Doug Gochfeld and Sean Sime.

Doug with Shane reported a Rusty Blackbird fly-over

List from Orrin , In GWCemetery

An hour in Green wood this morning yielded the following:

American woodcock (Vista Ave near woodbine path)
Wood duck (11 landing on Sylvan Water and taking off)
Eastern phoebe
Ring-necked duck
Downy woodpecker
Red-bellied woodpecker
Song sparrow
White-breasted nuthatch
American robin (many)
Northern cardinal