Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prospect March 27th the reappearance and a little rustiness

It's good to see that VARIED THRUSH decides to stick around, to allow those who haven't seen this elusive ultra rarity a chance to call it a life bird. A noon time report ( actually my lunch hour) indicated the VARIED 's brief appearance at 9 am this morning , spotted by Cindy Cage. It was just behind the fence in or under a fallen tree opposite a very large snag along the bridle path  at Quaker's south slope, the usual and most favorable spot.Who knows? Maybe it will entertain birders into spring like the Central Park bird two years ago; then maybe it jump on a Jet Blue flight for Seattle..... ;)>

see map

A pretty quiet day for birds, accentuated by the appearance of a RUSTY BLACKBIRD  at the Lily Pool viewing platform. A text message from Peter Colen , with Bobbi Manian and Phil Malek bought me near , but I didn't see it until I went to the bridge and spotted it in the back shore of the Pool, out of sight from the viewing platform. It was an adult bird with specks of rustiness on its back. Peter took a picture. This is the second time this species was seen here  since a week ago report by Keir. So,it a reliable location to see Lily Pool ( near the Binnen bridge or boathouse) best for Rusty Blackbirds.

 a note from Cornell Ebirds  :

Some other reports thru the day mentioned are WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS on Lookout Hill's Butterfly meadow , sighted by Eni Falci  and PINE SISKINS in the west Lullwater where both of us saw YELLOW BELLIED SAPSUCKER . However , a new spring species is TREE SWALLOW, which Eni mentioned to me a flyover over the Maryland Monument ( must be a sonar beacon ?) ; later Rob Jett with the birders mentioned above saw TREE SWALLOWS over Prospect Lake.

I saw a WINTER WREN on a brief passage thru the Vale of Cashmere, in the pool  section under the Cedar of Lebanon conifer.

Over at Greenwood Cemetery, Rob Jett reported PINE WARBLER at Cemetery ridge. Back here, a RED BAT was spotted by Rob at Lily Pool. Hoping it didn't get the Rusty .....

Warm weather ( well, its going to break 50 later this week) coming , maybe more birds, likely Pine Warblers bringing their friends the Palms ?


Photo of Double Crested Cormorant on Prospect Lake, taken by Ryan Morrisey


Photo of today's RUSTY BLACKBIRD , taken by Peter Colen!i=2428897576&k=xgRQLjR