Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4th, a quickword, Prospect brief

Before Today's report in Prospect, a brief word  regarding Floyd Bennett Field.

Floyd Bennett is now mostly open. However , due to federal personnel stemming from Sandy storm post operations, apparently the US Park Police has stepped up its watchfulness.    A birder I ran into mentioned she parked on the back road  connected to the archery road and went birding the coast area. Coming  back, they saw a Police car there checking out their vehicle and were told to procure their identification. Apparently the car was in a area they deemed risk.   Please park in well marked designated lots such as the environmental education area, or in front of the archery range if to see the Jamaica Bay ; or the community garden or such. Don't park inconspicuously ,  keep your car visible to the public.


Today's birds in Prospect.  The HORNED GREBE continues,  a report from Bobbi Manian, the bird was seen at the boathouse pond. Other viewers saw the bird as well .

The Merg Trifecta ( sounds like a movie title) continues as well, the COMMON MERGANSER seen at Three Sister islands, with a few HOODEDS and the pair of RING-NECKED DUCKS. This combination makes it a cool sight to see. 3 RED-BREASTED MERGs were seen wading in the Lullwater as I watched the feeders .

The feeders continue to see the birds, but now dominated by blackbirds, 14 Red winged and a few COMMON GRACKLES which are beginning to appear as springs messengers. This is home stretch, soon the feeders will come down as seed draws down to force birds to migrate. ( plus we need a break refilling  )

A Turkey Vulture reported by Bobbi.  And the RED-TAILED HAWK seems to be enjoying itself with views of the Lake. On my pass by, I spotted it on a low branch at West Island; it then flew to the nearby Sweetgum , of the three by the rustic shelter. Such a privileged bird !

From Bob Wilson


We live on the East End but have an apartment in Windsor Terrace and bird 
Prospect occasionally. 

This morning we saw the Horned Grebe near the Boathouse and the hen Common 
Merganser near West Island at about 2:30. 

Bob Wilson & Beth Barth