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Fwd: Prospect Park, this afternoon

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date = 2014/02/13  site = Prospect Park  observers = Kathy Toomey   

Northern Shoveler   
American Black Duck 
  Canada Goose   
Ring-necked Duck   one male, two females
  Red-breasted Merganser   
Common Merganser 
  Ruddy Duck   
Mute Swan
 Red-tailed Hawk 
  American Kestrel  
 American Coot 
  Ring-billed Gull  
 Rock Pigeon 
  Downy Woodpecker   
Red-bellied Woodpecker 
  American Crow  
 Blue Jay   Black-capped Chickadee  
 Hermit Thrush   close to Terrace Bridge
  Brown Thrasher   behind the fence near the Osage Orange tree 
 European Starling   White-throated Sparrow  
 Song Sparrow 
  Dark-eyed Junco 
  Northern Cardinal  
 Red-winged Blackbird  
 House Finch  
 American Goldfinch
   House Sparrow