Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snow flurries and waxwings.

Snow flurries falling upon crabapples and waxwings is just about the coolest thing to see. In the front of the Lichtfield Villa, at the park entrance, up to 15 CEDAR WAXWINGS shared the feast with AMERICAN ROBINS,gobbling away at the delectable fruits.Its a critical time and food like this is welcomed, making this location the hotspots now if you like waxwings.

Waxwings were also reported by Sean Zimmer at the Upper Pool. And speaking of this location,its a hot spot for WOOD DUCKS. Sean reported eleven this morning.On my post work walk home, I found a lucky 13 ! The wary flock were congregated at the Lower Pool's weir,where the Upper flows into.Bird from a safe distance to avoid spooking this gorgeous species so close to the fence.

Other winter sights were seen in Prospect worth appreciating. Two Merganser species still reside in the Lake open water,Common hen and drake Red Breasted. A MERLIN reported by Sean. I followed with another falcon species, a PEREGRINE that flew over the Tennis House as I exited work. SWAMP SPARROW in the phragmite marsh across from the Well Drive picnic tables is another worthy sighting.

And a late afternoon report of a quality corvid. Bobbi Manian said she saw a COMMON RAVEN lake flyover.I posted her note below.

So, as winter draws to a close :-( ( I'm gonna miss it though), the action heats up in small numbers of quality birds.

Photo below of Cedar Waxwings ,© Mary Keerbauch, taken yesterday afternoon


Raven note from Bobbi:

Hi Peter,

I'm not sure if Ravens are noteworthy any more, they seem to be popping up everywhere. But i did have one fly over by the lake today, calling in flight. it headed south, maybe towards Greenwood.

Best, Bobbi

p.s. I missed the wood ducks!