Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowbound ducks

The snows blanketed Prospect Park and provide beautiful scenery in that I took many pictures with my phone, some of the lake. Huddling together , ducks revealed some better moments in the waning snowfall. I found two species of interest near the Peninsula shore, by ladder 18.

Deep snow slowed my movement on the peninsula meadow, but the good ducks weren't going any where. Right near the shore, 5 floating HOODED MERGANSERS stayed close together, two drakes and three hens among some RUDDY DUCKS.But right behind, unsurprisingly for their wild disposition,a drake RING NECKED DUCK sailed along the ice edge. Shovelers stayed active in several spots with sleeping Canada Geese on the ice.

Tonight I went cross country skiing, the opportunity arose with new soft ,yet deep snow; its far better depth for snowshoeing, but what the heck, I skied anyway.


Seve Nanz reported 4 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS at his home backyard feeder per Heidi's observation.This is just southwest of Bartel Pritchard Square.

Neal Frumpkin reported the hardy RED HEADED WOODPECKER at Greenwood Cemetery as usual, along Battle Avenue.Snow isn't an issue for this bird.See Neal's photo below ( copy only if you cant see it)