Sunday, March 23, 2014

Received thru the BBC website

This inquiry from an author received from the Brooklyn Bird Club website contact page if anyone is interested in reviewing :

Greetings Avian-Inclined Kindred Spirits:

My name is Virginia Arthur and I just completed a novel entitled Birdbrain. I would be grateful for reads/reviews specifically by birders/field biologists as it is somewhat obvious from contacts from non-birders that they do not understand our weird (to them anyway) joy-inducing ever diminishing world. I might have attempted the impossible with my first novel but I combined ribald humor, environmental politics, romance, relationships, western travel within a fiction novel that focuses on birds. It's a tall order (or stork?).

I would be very grateful if BIRDERS/similarly inclined types would read my book and post reviews. You don't have to love it though hey...but I know you will understand it more than any other sector of the population and in some way, this book was written for you.

It was written and published independently--democracy in action if you will--with no involvement of marketing professionals, corporate editors, or folks who suggested changes including "there is too much science in it for a fiction novel". (What?). Sorry, it's my book and also, last I checked, attempting a literary fiction novel was/is still legal.

Please forward and thank you. I look forward to your reviews.

Virginia Arthur, Birdbrain