Monday, March 17, 2014

Revised Wood duck and Killdeer numbers on St Paddys Day

Having seen after lunch an uptick of KILLDEER at Ball field #1 with 6 birds, to ascertain a true number for the day, I took a run down to the Parade Grounds. Field 2 still had 13 Killdeer now scattered thru "rightfield" making today's total an impressive 19 birds.

Then , passing by the Upper Pool , the cooperative WOOD DUCKs out in the open from their previous snag hideout, numbered 16 birds, then shortly after I found 2 on the Lower Pool shoreline, revising the total wood duck number to 18, another admirable number for Prospect.

and HOODED Merganser goes up 2 more, making it 7 today

Must be the luck of my Irish (1/8th) .....


Addendum :  according to Cornell Ebird the Killdeer high was 32

Killdeer32NYC Bird Report DataProspect Park (map)Apr 2, 1997