Monday, March 31, 2014

Ridgewood Reservoir Redheads

Tinsley Perky sent me yesterday's report that showed rare Redhead Ducks , reported at ten birds in the middle watery basin of three ( #1, #3 are natural habitat , drained when decommissioned years ago)

This endangered habitat showing rare ducks using this location is significant

From Tinsley

Sunday about 4pm. the redhead ducks totaled about 10, maybe more. They have been joined by about as many ringnecked ducks and about 30 Canada Geese for a water-weed feast  at the center basin, viewable from both the north and south sides

To view the spot , go to the north side of the basin , nearest the Jackie Robinson Parkway. Theres an old Pumphouse to mark the side ... See the Save Ridgewood Reservoir blog ,link  now on my side menu under the title "Brooklyn Birding"

Nearest train Line is the "J"