Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween birds

Hilight for this day included up to 5 or 6 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS,  several at the Lower Pool, likely also at Upper Pool shores. However Linda Ewing sent a report of perhaps additional Rusties. One was on the West Island cove plastic covering.

See her post :

Hi, Peter! Link to checklist below. Highlights were an abundance of phoebes (five was a conservative count), a northern parula south of the lake, and a total of 7 rusty blackbirds . . . one on the tarp by West island; and a total of six still by the lower pool where you’d seen at least four earlier. I had just finished counting three when another three flew in to join them.

Linda E.

  Meanwhile over at more appropriate Halloween venue Greenwood Cemetery, Orrin Tilevitz reported 2 AMERICAN WOODCOCK  that most times flush when people walk by.Those woodcocks were at  along Central Avenue and Alcove path. One needs to be lucky for these wayward birds.

Also with my busy weekend schedule, it slipped by me that Gus Keri reported a pair of GREEN WINGD TEALS in the Lullwatre, one drake.

and last most bizarre,  Joshua Malbin reported 5 ROYAL TERNS over Greenwood Cemetery over the weekend.This is a spectacular sighting for the salty species there... but anything is possible with Brooklyn being an "island".

Happy Halloween Folks !  Be safe