Monday, October 10, 2016

Owls Head Day

With no exceptional reports from Prospect Park, another park Owls Head took the limelight.

Since i was on the coast of Brooklyn where a noted infusion of sparrows the expected bird family for this time of year,was noted,I presumed the local parks had the same evidence. Bobbi Manian elected to bird Owls Head which is close to her Bay ridge home.

The highlight for Owls Head among 9 species sparrows was a NELSONS SPARROW. This ammodramus sparrow is rare anywhere in a city park, normally found in the saltmarshes. However one was found by Bobbi;in a previous post below, Bobbi provided a link.

I recalled last year having a Nelsons in Greenwood Cemetery. So,I'm wondering : is it possible even though quite rare in North Brooklyn that the occasional ammodramus is very often missed? It's a matter of getting the good birder in the right place or getting the photo for later analysis. Nevertheless, a great bird to see around here.

So north winds brings in the sparrows after warblers went south.Check out your local park for these little brown jobs.

Oh,by the way, the top bird reported in Prospect,a BALD EAGLE adult seen flying over Prospect Lake, thanks to Linda Ewing spotting it.