Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rusties, Juncos and Chippies

This mid afternoon , I ran into Karen O'Hearn. Her report is intriguing.

First a very good number of eight RUSTY BLACKBIRDS reported near the Picnic House, under an oak tree, feeding on the ground. Occasionally the flock would fly up into the oak.

Then at the north end of the Long Meadow, also under trees, a frenzy of Dark Eyed Juncos and Chipping Sparrows, numbering a mixed flock of 300 birds. This is the highest number I heard of this fall known for sparse sparrow numbers. I've seen really big days of sparrows in past autumns but this year wasn't so kind. So, a good number for today observed by Karen with promised photos to come.

Also Kathy Toomey reported sparrow activity in the Sparrowbowl , the valley between the Picnic and Tennis houses per her 3:24 tweet .. Mostly Chippies, Juncos and Song.. hmm, good lyrics there.