Sunday, September 17, 2017

East wind,no boids

The weekend's predominantly east winds does not bring birds off the ocean. A north wind does.Unfortunately,the birding crashed.

A prospect morning yielded very little; it was too quiet. So the mind mold was find something interesting. Marc Brawer came thru with a spotting of a chunky hawk circling low over the elm grove at the west end of Butterfly meadow. Marc found us- me and Chris Las an adult BROAD-WINGED HAWK. The bird showed the prominent wide white tail band an easy mark for us as well as the black wing border. Just a moment earlier a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK also caught the same thermal.

The other good spot occurred at the Butterfly meadow near ARLEENS Pines. In as many as two days,Mike Yuan spotted his second CLAY COLORED SPARROW after yesterday's bird at Floyd Bennett. Mike is on a roll! But much to our tough luck having spent time there earlier the sparrow didn't think high of me,Chris and Marc. Richard Payne looked for the bird later for 45 minutes; I searched for 20 afterwards with no luck.

Hopefully a good wind after Jose storm passes by.