Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summary of Prospect highlights

Reports via Twiiter received mostly from Mike Yuan pointed to a few nice highlights this morning. The regular Tuesday BBC walk led by Rob Bate also occurred as well but of the latter , a report is pending.

The best highlight I received regards a high perched ( or roosting ) COMMON NIGHTHAWK at the northeast corner of Lookout Hill's Butterfly Meadow. Arleens Pine grove marks that site. see the photo from Mike. ( Dunno how he saw that)

After wards , Mike also reported a SOLITARY SANDPIPER on the Peninsula mulch area along the south meadow shoreline.

CAPE MAY WARBLERS put in a good appearance as Mike Noted; Kathy Toomey said she saw five Cape Mays, mostly in the general Peninsula area, It seems this species make a good fall impression with higher than expected numbers.Perhaps that a good sign of its population.

Meanwhile over at Greenwoood Cemetery Orrin Tilevitz reported fishing  OSPREY at Sylvan Water and AMERICAN KESTREL flying over the Morse Grave. There are negative reports on the rare sparrows of yesterday.