Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday brief summary

From information I read today was a diverse day not the big numbers kind.

 Highlight this morning was BREWSTERS WARBLER seen  at the road V juncture in North Midwood. This is a hybrid of Golden winged and Bluewinged warbler species.

A Prothonotary warbler appeared at the Boathouse before flying off towards the Lullwater.

A Cape May and Blackburnian Warbler showed up at West Island.

Diversity of Warblers occurred near the Boulder Bridge.
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And over at Greenwood, the Yellow breasted Chat continues ,seen first at Crescent pond before heading to its haunt at Dellwater.Northern Parula put in a good show there.

Please note the previous post about GWC regarding Mother's Day. Try to skip the cemetery Sunday.