Thursday, January 7, 2021

Prospect sightings

 The little moments matter in winter birding. When it's slower pace,you appreciate beauty wherever it's found.

Dan Smith gave me a heads up on Mergansers found by Radka. Told that Duck Island was the spot,I went over there. And it wasn't long before I found two Drake HOODED MERGANSERS hiding under a snag limbs spread out over the water like a canopy. They are such handsome ducks.

Add a BUFFLEHEAD as well. With a similar white head spot,I was surprised to see a Drake on Upper Pool during my lunch stop. It was nice to see rare timing for this duck at this pond; it's been a long while since my last Upper Pool Buffie observation.

At the feeders,the GRAY CATBIRD didn't want to leave the suet feeder. It must be hungry like heck.

I read an alert of BLACK VULTURE mid-afternoon. The report mention a flyover over Lookout Hill; another birder saw it over the Nethermead,heading west.

Outside Prospect, the ICELAND GULL reappeared at Bush Terminal Pier Park middle jetty cove.

And last COMMON REDPOLLs stay true to Greenwood Cemetery Dell Ave.