Monday, January 4, 2021

surprise at prospect feeders

I refilled the feeders late this morning and saw a surprise for a common species of the summer. .

 After I filled the feeders I took up station to watch them for awhile on my day off. The feeders became quite active with the usual suspects. But alighting on the bell ornament seed ball, I noted a GRAY CATBIRD. All right that's a cool sighting for me for an out of season species. But then I looked over to the suet and there's a second Gray Catbird! Wow, even better , for a winter day ,something memorable to mark the day. I don't believe I ever seen TWO Gray Catbirds at the feeders. 

 The first Catbird got a little territorial, chasing the second catbird off the suet. Ok Come on now, there's enough food for the both of you...