Monday, November 30, 2015

Fwd: Painted Bunting picture and crops

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Hi  Peter

This is the link to the full resolution bird:

Main Flickr page:

Paul Chung

Kingsboider note: paul's photo on the BBC facebook page has achieved over 11,000 people observing his photo after only 24 hours from my post... amazing!

Facebook pic posts of male Painted Bunting

or Jen Keplers blog

Fwd: Painted Bunting still in Prospect Park

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Hi Peter,

I saw the the bird around noon. It was in the same area near where that pipe is venting steam from the ice rink. Many other people saw it with me. What a thrill, lifebird for me.


Painted Bunting update

The bird is still present by several reports I received at the Lefrak Rink green rooftop. see the left side bar as to many reports Birdtrax < --------- .Look for the birders for best finding. and keep posting/ alert

Hopefully some more pics to post. Work day for me

see Rob Bate's post to NYS Birders

Subject: Painted Bunting -Prospect Park - Brooklyn
Date: Mon Nov 30 2015 12:01 pm
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The Painted Bunting continues in and around the green roof at the Lefrak

Center in Prospect Park.  This is the new complex housing the skating

rinks.  The best entrance is either at Lincoln Road or at the corner of

Parkside and Ocean Avenues, both stops on the Q train if you're using mass


There were more than 30 birders at one time angling for a good view of this

remarkable bird and it can get crowded up there so please stay on the paths

as the plantings up on the green roof are fragile.  There are plenty of

paths so the bird will always be visible from one path or another without

having to cross into any planted areas.

The Bunting has been working a fairly consistent area running north-south

between the bridle path and the green roof summit.

For some reason I am able to post to this list serve when others are not so

don't get discouraged if you haven't heard about this bird for a while.

Rob Bate


- See more at:

Painted bunting still south of prospect park skating rink per Marc B.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fwd: Painted Bunting

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Subject: Painted Bunting

Hi Peter!

Here are a couple of bad photos of the painted bunting. But a bad photo of a painted bunting is better than no photo of a painted bunting!


Fwd: Painted Bunting

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Subject: Painted Bunting

Hi Peter,

Good seeing you today!  as requested, here is an incredibly bad photo of the bird and a picture of some of the birders (including Keir) waiting to refind the bird this morning.

Keir - way to go!  way to leave your stamp on Brooklyn!!! 



One of North America' s spectacular songbirds make quite a stir in Prospect Park.Found by Keir Randall this morning at the south edge of the rink perimeter. a male PAINTED BUNTING was all over the north to east slope of the green roof.Thereafter, despite a long absence was refound and enjoyed by a  multitude of birders at the Lefrak Rink green roof.

After the initial find,the male bird was quite skittish, moving around along the eastern slope bordered by the bridle trail West edge. But the rare bird favored the section on the north side of the roof vent of the ice making machine. Seen on the ground along a mesh fence ,birders watched the bird from the narrow path that curves above the rinks main entrance below. Throughout the afternoon,it was cooperative and photos were obtained.Several of us top birders believe the bird is legit and not an escape. Hopefully photos will prove it when I get them for my blog.

When I finally left the area, the horde of birders were watching the feeding bird;it was next to the roof vent on the south side , very well seen and very well appreciated by all who got a chance to tick off for their life list this spectacular bird. A really good one for the park.

Google map below

Other noteworthy birds overshadowed today was ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER reported at Terrace Bridge slope and also at the peninsula spit by the railing between the Rink' s Music and Teadrop Islands ; SWAMP SPARROW at the latter spot; 5 RINGNECKED DUCKS as well as 8 BUFFLEHEADs on the Lake east sector; continuing GREAT CORMORANT at Three Sisters Islands. Second bananas unfortunately to the rink celebrity

BBC Facebook photo

Painted bunting Next to vent roof south side green roof rink. On ground.mult obs

Make PAINTED BUNTING currently seen well north slope Lefrak Rink ,path east of ms in entrance

Painted bunting update

Painted bunting lefrak rink found again by Kathleen per Dan Frazer tweet.

@railbabbler: Male Painted Bunting at prospect just south of ice rink. Can't see band but can't rule it out yet Keir Randall observer

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bush Terminal park ,rept from Matthew Wills

Yesterday we watched a pair of ravens chase a pigeon around the soccer field at Bush Terminal Park. First one bird chased the pigeon, then the other joined the hunt. (It was spectacular enough to halt the soccer game as the players watched the aerial acrobatics.) The pigeon and both ravens disappeared into the open stairwell shaft of the old warehouse next to the field. The ravens emerged less than five minutes later. Had they had squab for Thanksgiving? (Hardly seemed like enough time to chow down; no flurry of feathers seen as you might if a raptor was plucking prey.)

This was the first time I've seen ravens hunt. The big corvids are regularly seen at Bush Terminal and nearby Green-Wood, and ever since I saw a pair grooming each other at the harbor end of 39th St. on January 1 of this year, I've been wondering what they scavenge here in the city. It looks like they may supplement their diet with fresh bird.


raw day, a woodpecker shines

A day without sun doesn't hold much hope for birding.Low numbers as sprinkles of rain fell on my birding day ;after a coastal birding trek , Mary E and I stopped at Greenwood Cemetery in the hope of getting the resident Red Headed Woodpecker.

We stopped at the rare woodpecker's usual haunt at Cornus and Sycamore Avenues.The last reliable post was along Berry Path. About five minutes on the path,Mary spotted her bird, first this year for her, the RED HEADED WOODPECKER spotted in an oak tree. It flew over us thru the sweet gum tree and landed  in the Norway Maple by Cornus. We thought it flew out immediately,at least we thought so. But it perched behind the big limb and stayed there until I spotted it from Highland Ave the continuation of Cornus. A sneaky patient bird that stuck there after we left. With heavy overcast, the color on the bird except for the white wing panels was muted.

While I searched from Highland,up slope a raptor caught my eye.Its a top perched MERLIN with a RED BELLIED WOODPECKER slightly below. On the ground near me ,DARK EYED JUNCOS and above in a small tree, a WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH.

 Yes a raw day but some good birds salvaged our venture outdoors.

Greenwood Cemetery red headed woodpecker along berry Path and cornus Avenue

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fwd: Green-Wood red headed woodpecker

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Subject: Green-Wood red headed woodpecker

Caught a look this afternoon, here is a photo. ( my first, yea!)

A big thanks to the P Park feeder people, so glad the feeders are back up!

Fwd: GWC this morning

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Subject: GWC this morning
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Highlights in Green-Wood this morning were the juvenile red-headed woodpecker in its usual tree (the aggressive bird chased away a flock of mourning doves, I guess with the idea of protecting his food supply), and a flock of red-winged blackbirds eating sweet-gum seeds above the Crescent Water.  Also, a hairy woodpecker adjacent to Fort Hamilton Parkway, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, and the usual juncos, goldfinches, blue jays and starlings.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving birds ( not the turkey)

While the turkey was roasting in my sister' s over,it seem the right time to venture out to Prospect on this gorgeous day. For an hour holiday trot, not boring at all.

First stop at the lake edge was quite productive. The continuing juvenile GREAT CORMORANT perched on a different water snag at Three Sisters eastern island. Just mere feet away, three BUFFLEHEADS & 2 Drake RINGNECKED DUCKS waded about.NORTHERN SHOVELERS is abundant at minimum 175 birds dispersed with far lesser numbers of RUDDY DUCKS.

During this scan of the lake, a soaring raptor caught my eye. Circling high above the northwestern section is a PEREGRINE FALCON,looking for its own feast I bet.

Hurrying along before I get the call for my own thanksgiving feast, I head for the Prospect feeders. But first a stop at Well drive green shipping containers for the past week' s quality warblers. Yesterday the Nashville  warbler was spotted, after my Monday sighting. I pished a few times and got a prize : ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER. My fall season' s second ORANGE CROWNED was the better sighting as this bird stayed out in the open for 40 seconds at least. The spot is behind lamppost j250,left of the rich black dirt pile.

A Thanksgiving treat,much to be thankful for the birds that give us joy.

Well Dr.bhind lamppost J250 left of black dirt pile adj green ship containers ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER weedy spot Prospark

Prospect juv Great cormorant eastern 3Sisters isl.nearby 2 Ringneck ducks2,3Buffleheads

Juv redhead wp cont. same spot n maple Berry path in grnwood cemetery per Orrin

Thanksgiving greetings

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to my readers. Much to appreciate nature and birds along with the community enjoying them.

To you and yours, a delightful and relaxing holiday.