Sunday, June 20, 2021

Ridgewood Reservoir under "attack" again

 After years of fighting to preserve the natural state of the reservoir from development and interior ballfields ,finally getting protected status,some bozos talking about playgrounds inside... What do they don't understand ?

From Newtown historical Society Christina Wilkinson: 

Anyone on board with removing nature in basin 3 and replacing it with a children's slide and performance space? We certainly did not join the cause to save the reservoir only to end up with this nonsense. For those wondering where the slides came from, it was this event:

You'll note the sentence that says the basins "are among the greatest unused inaccessible natural-protected spaces in the city."

And here we thought this whole time that it was used and accessed by nature, which was the whole point of stopping development. This sounds very Robert Moses-esque. Next they'll be calling it "underutilized."