Saturday, November 15, 2014

A new park starts off with aplomb

It didn't take long  for Bush Terminal Park to shine a little bit. Our eagerness to see this new park netted us a great bird for this 40 acre park though sparse with forest yet dominated by waterfront.

The only entrance at 43 rd street and 1 st avenue was where the access road leading straight to the  water got us the good bird. Spotted by Mary Eyster, we watched a drake EURASIAN WIGEON sail across towards the dilapidated broken pier . The rare duck spent much time behind pilings with American Wigeons. Look for the Bush Terminal Company  building with the statue of Irving Bush for the pier beyond. To the left is the park entrance.

Spending a little time here in this new park,we saw some inaugural species. Two AMERICAN KESTRELS,one staying put to hunt,Swamp Sparrow and LESSER SCAUP with BUffleheads in the west cove. Then at the rock impoundments,resting on a crossover ,6  KILLDEER mingled. Off in the bay, we found 2 HOODED MERGANSERS odd to see there but marking our ninth duck species at Bush Terminal Park. Also of note ,on pilings or dock works,8 GREAT CORMORANTS.

This is more a park that would do well from mid autumn to early spring.But lack of forest  doesn't mean birds wont drop in anyway in this  open area

To reach this park via public transportation,take the R train to 45th St stop walk west at least 5 blocks then 2 to 43 rd and 1st Ave chain link entrance. Parking for cars is along 1st ave.check regulations. Its advised to travel with friends in this commercial area on weekends.