Monday, November 3, 2014

Latest on unidentified empid; Prospect report inc quality

The latest I heard on the possible Hammond's Flycatcher is that its NOT. Sean saw the bird this morning,took photos and heard the empid calling a chip not linked to Hammond's. instead there is the possibility of Dusky ...but you know with these  empidonaxes..stay tuned.

Best bird today for a most inactive day was RED SHOULDERED HAWK. First a low flyby I watched over the Lake then later over Lookout Hill south slope in a soar that also was a soar over east Lookout and Lullwater. Later after joining up with Rob Jett ,both of us saw a juvenile RED SHOULDERED HAWK over the Peninsula sumacs..

 Hermit Thrushes and Ruby crowned Kinglets are all around and make up the most species seen

Earlier as I was  counting the Ruddy Ducks,a funny scene .Inside my post at the western Rustic Shelter ,a WINTER WREN landed right next to  my right foot Obviously the wren must have thought I was part of the shelter...

Other birds of interest: EASTERN BLUEBIRDS in the Parade Grounds cafe concession area reported by Keir Randall, PURPLE FINCHES ,two and mixed pair I saw perched in the young willow oak by the well drive picnic tables, and  three FOX SPARROWS
Rob Jett found I also observed on the Peninsula tip pine.

Adding some suspense I found a perched female AMERICAN KESTREL at west ballfields that was approached by a Red tailed hawk.Of course the kestrel was not going to take any nonsense and acting Merlin like went after the buteo. Have to admire spunk when I see it..