Monday, November 3, 2014

NYSBIRDS post on PP empid

Subject: Kings County Empid (better Photos)
Date: Mon Nov 3 2014 11:04 am

From: sean AT

I relocated the Prospect Park empid this morning in the same location it
was seen yesterday above Lamppost 249 at the SW corner of Lookout Hill. The
bird was actively feeding and I was able to get photos that should rule out
Hammond's Flycatcher. I have added them to the gallery with yesterday's
photos here:

In good light, the spacing of the primaries was very even and the primary
projection seemed shorted than one would expect for Hammond's. Closer looks
at the bill also show it broader based will ample light coloration. I will
admit there was more than one instance this morning where I was wondering
if yesterday's was a different bird.

At one point the bird began to give a series of "whit" calls that in my
opinion were right in line with Least Flycatcher. The possibility of Dusky
Flycatcher has been raised and Dusky does have a "whit" call as well, but
this individual does not seem particularly long tailed in the field.

I welcome comments from anyone with Western empid experience.


Sean Sime
Brooklyn, NY
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