Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving bluebirds

On this gray and overcast Thanksgiving day ,nothing like some color particularly from our state bird the EASTERN BLUEBIRD.

As I got to the Peninsula sumacs grove, a flash and a female Bluebird perched over the pave path. I was looking for more and got my wish as 5 more appeared at the right end of the grove,some males very bright and very appealing ,making my hour a thankful moment . I absolutely adore bluebirds. The small flock proceeded farther down the path towards the bridge where they feasted on multiflora rose berries.

After the bluebird show,I took off for the feeders where I expected a feast. No disappointment as the feeders were active, I presumed the birds now thankful from their perspective. AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES numbering eleven were on both thistle feeders with a FOX  SPARROW under each.Some RED WINGED BLACKBIRDS with WHITE THROATED SPARROWS completed the table party. Its only the beginning.

One more EASTERN BLUEBIRD appeared by the feeders making it a lucky seven for me.

On the way back to catch some football,I saw a SWAMP  SPARROW behind lamppost #249 picnic tables.

Happy Thanksgiving all

...guess my dinner got away