Friday, November 21, 2014

Goldfinch puddle party

Today's guest of the Propsite work area puddle frequented by a flock of American Goldfinches are three , including one bright male PURPLE FINCHES.Yesterdays Siskin wasnt around but might be. At least 20 goldfinches were seen , acting skittish and nervous as they came to the shrinking water puddle now supplied  by rain water as our pipes been shut off for the winter.

Later as i made my rounds, I counted 8 more goldfinches in the sweet gum grove at West Island shelter.So...bottom line?  Check those sweet gum trees as the spiny seeds have now ripened for edibles....

The lake is about the same , shovelers, ruddies, 3 cormorant and the hen BUFFLEHEAD. Lots of gulls but nothing different but continuing checking might be a lucky moment for the observer