Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Green-Wood Cemetery.  It took me almost 3 hours, but I saw over 23 species, pine siskins (in three places) and a wood duck.  Here is the list:

Red-bellied woodpecker
White-breasted nuthatch
Blue jay
Dark-eyed junco
Black-capped chickadee
Northern cardiinal
Red-tailed hawk
American goldfinch (flocks in sweet gums and at Crescent Water)
Pine siskin (end of Heath Path in sweet gum, at Crescent Water, and on Landscape Avenue above the Sylvan Water)
Fox sparrow
Wood duck (on Dell Water)
Red-winged blackbird
Chipping sparrow
song sparrow
Hooded merganser (3 hens on Sylvan Water)
Canada goose
Northern mockingbird
Ruddy duck
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Tufted titmouse
Monk parakeet
White-throated sparrow  (total of 3)

Plus the species I just emailed you.

No American robins, feral pigeons, or house sparrows