Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Heading south

Good strategy to keep in mind  is thinking like a bird. Fall means ever southward and one good prospect location to check is the South shore of prospect lake end of day

I meant to bird this area after work but thought otherwise after a long tiring workday. Usually the best birding time is after 5 pm. By this time especially after  massed migration event birds by then are in the staging part of southern boundaries. But despite my neglect birding Kathy Toomey picked up the opportunity. At 506 she reported bird activity behind 3 Sisters islands. Among the good ones were these warblers: BLACKBURNIAN,TENNESSEE and PRAIRIE.

Through the day small pockets and single sightings was the norm. Running into birders I gain info of Nashville warbler in the Butterfly meadow, eye level look of Blackburnian warbler  at the Octagon on South shore and reading later MOURNING WARBLER at the north steps of the Vale Cashmere towards the Rose Garden.

Next good day is Saturday,  a real cold snap with an autumn feel and birds on the move.