Saturday, September 5, 2020

Prospect am boiding

This morning's walk didn't produce spectacular birding but enough to keep the walk interesting with one decent spot.

Karen O and I were fortunate for an active box elder tree at northwest Butterfly Meadow. A warbler mini pocket ensued with foliage impact seeing, BLUE WINGED,TENNESSEE,CANADA,NORTHERN PARULA, REDSTART and BLACK THROATED BLUE were spotted. Eastern wood pewee was nearby.In the meadow I watched a BLACKPOLL battle his perch on a sunflower stalk with a goldfinch.Elsewhere a BLACK THROATED GREEN WARBLER and Red breasted Nuthatch were reported. Two CAROLINA WRENS duked it out verbally in the Midwood.

Ryan Candee report ed Alder or Willow Flycatcher in butterfly.meadow.

I see stuff reported at GreenWood Cemetery dellwater but  that's a