Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesdays big windy blast

AS we can always expect when the  fall north wind blows, we expect birds. Fall migration showed its might today as a fallout --as least in the words of Rob Jett over at Greenwood Cemetery--commenced in both Prospect Park and the Greenwood cemetery. See Bobbi's report in my previous post to get the big picture "dripping from trees". The highlights include CONNECTICUT WARBLERS, PHILADELPHIA VIREOS, and a host of warbler species in various locations. I will keep it brief and mention the species. On my personal experience, given i had to work, i was happy to see some cool warblers on my lunch hour, one warbler a fall favorite.

CONNECTICUT WARBLER appeared in both PP and GWC. The Prospect bird found by Dale Dyer, showed up within or along the edge of the Peninsula lakeshore marsh close to Well Drive. It was not found again after the initial appearance. Another Connecticut though popped up at Greenwood's Dellwater  observed by several or more birders.

The second rarity , PHILADELPHIA VIREO also paid visits to each PP and GWC. One appeared at Dellwater, sticking within a Tupelo tree; the other in Prospect was not revealed where.

In Greenwood, OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER,SOLITARY SANDPIPER ,MARSH WREN at Sylvan Water and at least 17 species warblers were reported according to a friend .

IN Prospect, a really great day. As Bobbi mentioned, birds were everywhere , dripping in various spots, warblers at Butterfly Meadow included a Tennessee; late WORM-EATING WARBLER at West Island, CAPE MAYs, BAYBREASTED and a terrific number of 41 NORTHERN PARULA.

On my lunch hour, i ventured to the Peninsula tip where the rustic shelter resides. I had just missed the big show of 20 warblers in and around the groundsel bush there  in front on the water edge,observed by the tuesday BBC walk led by Bobbi Manian. I did see there astounding looks of CAPE MAY WARBLERS,  and above a gorgeous BAY BREASTED WARBLER a fave of mind.; also in the area, YELLOW, PARULA, BLACKPOLL , and BLACK THROATED BLUE also appeared , In the stately pine tree above, several RED BREASTED NUTHATCHES were present.

i will include the checklist on the next post, no doubt im guessing 85 species today in Prospect.

Just one of those days i wished i call out sick but cant;;i need to retire....