Wednesday, November 18, 2020

2020 is Greewoods year

 Greenwood Cemetery fantastic streak of good rare birds continues .In less a week two great birds one a mega western species and now today an Irregular vagrant showed up at the Dell water.

Its my theory the current pandemic opened the cemetery to many more birders and prying eyes. Before Covid19 the birders were far and few.

An ASH THROATED FLYCATCHER has joined the party. With the continuing WESTERN TANAGER,the Midwestern fly catcher was spotted in the Dell water yesterday by "Elisabeth", Today it was spotted at one of the feeders and at last report at the beehives spot. This species irregularly migrates East.


The WESTERN TANAGER continues to entertain birders. One reliable spot has been the Yew trees behind the Yerkes  crypt near Cypress and Vine avenues.

Over at Prospect the feeders is the main draw at the moment. 4 PURPLE FINCHES with two bright males makes it worthwhile. Adding quality the RUSTY BLACKBIRD made an appearnce late morning.An array of different birds creates much exciting frenzy. That alone draws us to enjoy winter birds much more.