Friday, November 20, 2020

A memorable anniveray gift

 Ryan G today escorted a couple-- Serafim and Sierra-in Prospect who requested a birding tour as an anniversary celebration. They were rewarded at the feeders  and boy did they get quite a gift!

I happened to be there when they arrived after I checked the feeders. First thing they got was the continuing RUSTY BLACK BIRD I pointed out to them. After I left returning to work, Ryan got them PURPLE FINCHES. You think that would be the terrific gift. But something even better happens.

With his back turned Ryan hears a whistling noise,created by wing beats. Sierra points to a bird on the ground ten feet away and lo and behold its an AMERICAN WOODCOCK!

Talk about terrific luck and perfect timing for  a memorable wedding anniversary gift!

And thanks to Serafim nd Sierra for their $40 gift for seed