Tuesday, November 17, 2020

rare bird briefs inc WETA and RUBB

Here are brief notes of the latest

The WESTERN TANAGERS continues in Greenwood Cemetery, hanging out near the intersection of Cypress and VInes Aves. I don't have much details but will forward EBird Rare bird alerts that are more informative. I do know it favors Yew Trees that have woodpecker sapsucker holes that yield insects.

IN Prospect , the feeders had a RUSTY BLACKBIRD spotted by Rob Bate after he donated seed and suet for me.

and last, a good sighting regarding PIED BILLED GREBE of which I counted 7 on the Lake west of the  Peninsula Thumb after work. Though its likely that was a higher number, in the past for the park, its probably my personal high.Ill check the recs.

A good wind going through, perhaps bringing more winter finches in this falls irruption.