Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thursday feeders

 On this dreary looking day, watching the feeders can be uplifting. And seeing a bird known for its cheery song can be an antidote for the day's grayness.

Just as my lunch hour was ending i visited the feeders. With usual aplomb, birds actively devoured the seeds. Titmice, Chickadees, cardinals and two Red winged Blackbirds were easily outnumbered by the American Goldfinch. However it was an unexpected bird that descended on the suet that pleased me, a Carolina Wren. With it rich brown red plumage accentuated by its bold supercilium, Carolina Wrens in the open are such beauties.

For your information, the feeders are refilled Mondays and Fridays. Otherwise, i plan around it if i'm off those days.

A  big shout out to Karen O'Hearn who donated a very generous contribution of $100 for new seed.This should help me me thru the early winter at least unless the American Goldfinch say otherwise with their super appetites; Thanks to Karen !