Monday, November 16, 2020

Latest Update on Western TANAGER read description

Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) (1)
- Reported Nov 16, 2020 14:10 by Peter Paul

- Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings, New York
- Map:,-73.9904281&ll=40.6523083,-73.9904281
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- Media: 4 Photos
- Comments: "*Rare - 4th record in Brooklyn, and first for the cemetery. Originally found by Enrico L on Saturday; refound today by Rob J and Gordon L, and for the sake of completeness - re-re-found by Josh, who got me and a few others on it, after not being seen for a few hours. Adult non-breeding male. Bright yellow bird with black wings, wingbars - one bright yellow, the other whiter. Orange bill and a bit of orange in the face around the bill.

The bird was in the general vicinity of Cyprus and Vine, but took long flights, and was covering a wide area.  That said, it kept returning to Yew bushes, and was eating the berries, so they would be a good place to look."