Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Hi Peter-
Haven't been in the park much this summer but with the break in the heat decided it was time for a walk.
Sometimes if you are in the right place at the right time and take the time to look you see some ordinary birds being exceptional.
Today I saw a male yellow warbler on the lullwater at the first rustic lookout. At first I was just happy to see a warbler then a larger bird flew next to the small warbler. I was then disappointed to see a juvenile brown head cowbird begging to be fed by said warbler. It did feed the cowbird; there were no juvenile yellow warblers to be fed.
The second exceptional moment was when I got to the pink beach at the Peninsula. I heard house wrens calling and saw two flying after each other. After sitting for a while I walked to the lamppost to see the birds. They were still buzzing after each other in a dogfight but then they caught each other and I watched two males wrestling feet locked on the ground nipping at each other for what seemed like a long while with the female in a bush nearby watching but not engaging the two. After I looked at her the wrestling pair was gone from the ground no corpse at least and one singer continued across the path.
Not a lot of species but a good nature drama in the park.