Monday, April 3, 2017

Its nice to start off Monday with a Bluebird

The beginning of the week--gloomy Monday when it's a workweek first day and when we want to sleep late, started off easy to digest this morning when an EASTERN BLUEBIRD appeared in the Long Meadow edge southeast of the Picnic House.

Thanks to Linda Ewing who relayed the message to Toni when she stopped me by the Long Meadow transverse road, I found the EASTERN BLUEBIRD female where it was spotted originally. Linda told me later she had spotted it perched on the half torn BBQ sign. I didn't see it there but in a nearby Oak tree's low branches by a thick tree cut trunk on the Meadow. An EASTERN PHOEBE followed it around.This area is east of the picnic tables by the manor. The Monday drabs was alleviated by a terrific bird.

Meanwhile at the back view of the Upper Pool , there's a PINE WARBLER.Toni spotted that and when I re found that PINE , Linda happened to be there and drew my attention to a PALM WARBLER. After Linda left , Toni came by and I got the PALM for her to see, a lifer for her. And adding suspense, GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET  appeared above us, a cool looking bird with the yellow cap and nice eyeliner, a delight to see this early spring smallish bird in our parts.

WOOD DUCK continues to dominate the Upper Pool. But with my all out attention on the warblers and Kinglet, I wasn't paying much attention to the ducks , figuring about 11 all told there.