Sunday, April 16, 2017

lingering Prospect Yellow throated Warbler

Yesterday's YELLOW THROATED WARBLER decided to hang around a while longer. Seen by Lily Pool , it stayed within the Pool environs today.

Ed CROWNE heard the bird by the Lily Pool back wooden overlook platform, the bird seen in a tall blooming Red Maple. It stayed in that general area through the morning ,verified by two other birders. The maple is to the right of the platform.

No other reports received on this warm day except for a PRAIRIE WARBLER.  Anne Murray reported one at the Peninsula, along a wood chip trail half way to the tip. I did see some Palm Warblers but that about it this morning.

Meanwhile a second YELLOW THROATED WARBLER appeared in Greenwood Cemetery. That bird was seen 652 am on Rob Jett walk.It was spotted again by the cypress path.

An interesting note regarding the Pospect Yellow throated.Ed mentioned that the first appearance a week ago that bird bird never sang. Today's bird did. Was the first a female?