Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August is "trickle month" ; Prospect

I call August "trickle month " because everyday you get one or two birds there and here, sometimes on a good day, a little more. There isn't high expectations for large numbers of birds. But sometimes you may get a good bird on any particular day this month.

This morning, Keir and Linda were on the carriage road ( the flat road that slopes upward) on Lookout Hill, along the south side. Opposite the Switchback trail head at the top, we were looking --thanks to Linda spotting it-- a TENNEESSEE WARBLER working its way along the poke weeds and finally when I saw it ,in a Young Kentucky Coffeetree.It was a gorgeous looking adult, usually a bird seen at tree canopies, was down to earth for great looks ;with its green back and gray head, its a very handsome bird to admire.

Its a slow day ( trickle , remember?) but some BLUE-WINGED WARBLERs were reported, one at the slope above the Maryland Monument steps, and a SOLITARY SANDPIPER was reported . On the latter,this freshwater inclined shorebird was seen below the Lullwater Bridge by Isabel Conte and Edith Goren, before it took off..

I didn't report my birds last night but here is the lowdown. The best spot was the Upper Pool boat ramp, where Willow tree branches are growing out of the water or submerged better to say. Here above a CANADA WARBLER caught my attention until I saw a colorful vireo on the water branches. Watching it closely for 5 minutes, it turns out to be a PHILADELPHIA VIREO ( my third this month ). It was well seen and cooperative that i was able to see the black wing remiges. A NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH walked on that shoreline and later , after hearing about it from Keir this morning, a WORM-EATING WARBLER at that hot spot when Keir swung by later in pursuit of the Philly.

A few warblers at the Esdale Bridge ( in future references, always the south side or BirdPool I created, now hidden by plant growth)  continued good birding after my work shift yesterday . BLUE -WINGED  and MAGNOLIA hung around the jewel weed area above the pool. 

But the Ambergill pool farther  had the oddest sight for a bird out of place. First seen wading the Ambergill Creek on the Esdale Br north /west side, a DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT diving in the Ambergill Pool ?  I say this bird has eccentricities !

date = 2013/08/20
site = Prospect Park
observers = Peter
Solitary Sandpiper Lullwater Br, Isabel Conte, Edith Goren
Mourning Dove 
Chimney Swift 
Eastern Kingbird Upper Pool 
Philadelphia Vireo 
Barn Swallow 
Tufted Titmouse Lookout Hill 
Black-capped Chickadee Lookout Hill summit
American Robin common
Gray Catbird 2 Esdale Br
Tennessee Warbler ad; Lookout Hill upper slope , opp Switchback trail top trailhead
Ovenbird Quaker Ridge horse trail
Blue-winged Warbler Maryland Mont stairs above slope
Song Sparrow 
Northern Cardinal 3 Esdale Br
Baltimore Oriole 
Red-winged Blackbird 
Common Grackle Ricks Place pool
American Goldfinch common ~ 8 Butterfly Mead , feeding on Cupflowers
House Sparrow 

date = 2013/08/19
site = Prospect Park
observers = Peter

Double-crested Cormorant Ambergill Pool/Creek , diving
Canada Goose 18, Lake
Rock Pigeon 
Mourning Dove 
Chimney Swift 
Downy Woodpecker Upper Pool
Eastern Kingbird 3 Upper Pool ramp
Philadelphia Vireo Upper Pool ramp, Willow tree water branches; faded adult
Barn Swallow Upper Pool ~ 11
House Wren Lookout Hill
Carolina Wren Lookout Hill 
American Robin common
Gray Catbird 
European Starling 
American Redstart 
Black-and-white Warbler Esdale Br Pool
Canada Warbler Upper Pool ramp, Willow tree water branches
Blue-winged Warbler Esdale bridge pool
Magnolia Warbler Esdale Br pool
Northern Waterthrush Upper Pool ramp, under Willow tree water branches
Song Sparrow well dr slope
Northern Cardinal 
Baltimore Oriole Lookout hill
Red-winged Blackbird well dr slope
Common Grackle 
American Goldfinch common ~ 10 Butterfly Mead , feeding on Cupflowers
House Sparrow 
Peregrine Falcon, perched on BBGarden tower