Friday, August 30, 2013

Prospect sightings, GWC post

A few spots came alive with a few birds, but the best in Prospect was the Butterfly Meadow, particularly the dead ash  coming "alive" ( no it wasn't resurrected) with some birds that included an OLIVE -SIDED FLYCATCHER.

The dead ash and the edge of the Butterfly meadow below is the best or most active of three spots I saw birds. Below the aforementioned Olive sided FC, a BLUE-WINGED WARBLER ( BWWA)  worked the flowers and weeds along the meadow western edge. Also 2 COMMON YELLOWTHROATS accompanied the BWWA. Then the ash came to life with a YELLOW WARBLER , a HAIRY WOODPECKER and a RUBY -THROATED HUMMINGBIRD that was chased by the Olive sided (He oughta pick on someone his own size). The Hummingbird later visited the Budleia bush at the meadow south end. Just across the path ,a CANADA WARBLER in the elm grove.
Another decent spot was a delight to see because it was planted this past spring. Just north of the Boulder Bridge west end, an open meadow marked by a pointy large broken snag had two nice birds, NORTHERN PARULA WARBLER ( maybe the same bird later at Esdale Bridge) , and a GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER seen initially high up , came down to the broken cherry tree up the slope, with excellent views. Above two EASTERN KINGBIRDS made it a tyrant flycatcher spot; also a pair of Baltimore Orioles

Most intriguing was a report  from Ania Grzesik in Greenwood Cemetery pertaining to an immature /female PROTHONOTARY WARBLER at Crescent Water and PHILADELPHIA VIREO at Sylvan Water. The former is very rare in autumn so I am looking to see pictures taken by Ania.

The holiday weekend coming, be sure to go on Dennis's BBC walk tomorrow in Prospect. goto for details.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and good birds.....

Peter's list

date = 2013/08/30
site = Prospect Park
observers = ME

Ruby-throated Hummingbird -2; Butterfly meadow budleia bush, Payne Hill west
Hairy Woodpecker Butterfly meadow dead ash 
Willow Flycatcher ? / Traill's species Butterfly meadow dead ash 
Olive-sided Flycathcher- Butterfly Mead Dead Ash
Great Crested Flycatcher Payne Hill west
Eastern Wood-Pewee Payne Hill west
Red-eyed Vireo Butterfly meadow ;Payne Hill west
Black-capped Chickadee Butterfly meadow 
House Wren Butterfly meadow ;Payne Hill 
American Robin common
Gray Catbird 4
Cedar Waxwing Butterfly meadow 3
Yellow Warbler Butterfly meadow dead ash 
American Redstart Ricks Place; Payne Hill west  male
Canada Warbler 2; Butterfly meadow north; Falkill Falls 
Common Yellowthroat 2 Butterfly meadow ;Falkill Falls 
Blue-winged Warbler Butterfly meadow 
Northern Parula 2; Esdale Br, Payne Hill west
Northern Cardinal 5
Common Grackle Falkill Falls
American Goldfinch ~ 10 Butterfly Meadow