Thursday, August 29, 2013

Distressed Comorant ; BBG sightings; Facebook Like;

A Double Crested Cormorant was found with fishing line around its neck ( and tightening) when I swung by responding to Keir's report. It was sitting on a water snag but free. Urban Park Rangers  were contacted by my office but they were unsuccessful trying to snatch the bird as it swam away 2x ( with the rangers in their kayak Unfortunately.)

The bird was by the duck feeding spot near Well Drive junction and Lake Drive ( near Vanderbilt STREET entrance)

If you see the bird on land or immobile ( tethered to a snag etc) , contact any the Bird rehabbers listed on my side blog -->
better to call my office during weekdays or Urban Park rangers or Sean Casey if urgent

( if really urgent , try cutting the line with nail clippers if u are able to secure the bird, hold its bill though)


Orrin posted this note from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Immature Tennessee warbler this morning.  Also common yellowthroat.

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