Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No birds, but butterflies are hot !

Spending my lunch break at Butterfly Meadow, next to the budleia bush, the location lived up to its name. With all the greenheaded coneflowers, joe pye weed, etc , butterflies are in good force. A majority were Black-tailed Swallowtails, but Cabbage whites, a Question Mark, Tiger Swallowtail were some other butterflies present. A special butterfly, though at the time I was there was a SILVER-SPOTTED SKIPPER.This was on the budleia and one nice red HUMMINGBIRD MOTH added lunch entertainment.

I forgot to mention the other day , Saturday that is, on the Lookout hill summit, we had a really good one, SNOUT BUTTERFLY , seen on the hackberry which I think is the host tree. And before that a RED-SPOTTED PURPLE somewhere

Good stuff, even when birds aren't around.

Snout Butterfly  http://butterfliesofamerica.com/L/t/Libytheana_carinenta_a.htm

Silver Spotted  http://butterfliesofamerica.com/L/t/Epargyreus_clarus_a.htm

Red-spotted Purple  utterfliesofamerica.com/t/Limenitis_arthemis_astyanax_a.htm

Hummingbird Moth http://www.birds-n-garden.com/hummingbird_moths.html

Photo of Red Spotted Purple, taken by Rob Bate , Butterfly meadow this past week