Saturday, August 17, 2013

Early morning flight, "WHOOSH"

A very early morning flight up at Butterfly Meadow on Lookout Hill faded quickly before 7 am,good birds reported by Rob Jett,making it a classic "early birder gets the worm " day.

Rob Jett,Heydi Lopes and visiting birder Ronny from Sacramento, California were the benefactors of seeing male adult HOODED WARBLER on the path by the young birches, a 1st year juvenile MOURNING WARBLER in the area of Joe Pye Weeds in the northwest corner of the Butterfly Meadow. Very near later, at top the dead ash tree, an adult OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was spotted,with its noted white wing tufts patches. The latter was seen flying to the dead tree at the south corner.

A late start for me, tired from porcelain vine pulling all day yesterday off native trees ,nevertheless benefited my late start and worth coming with a faded likely young PHILADELPHIA VIREO seen in the east Pin Oak first,chased by a warbler, both fast moving though to the south low locust tree where I got excellent looks with Ann Murray next to me.But this bird shot out of there like the warblers earlier.

Other note were 3 WOOD PEWEES reported in the Ravine. (RJett)

11 species of warblers were reported by Rob before the 7 am fade;its only the beginning early wave, so more birds coming for late risers.  :)>