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I am in an exhibit, at a location in Brooklyn, with my sister and another relative in December. Among the three of us I am the bird-watcher.
If you don't know me by name; I am illustrator, coauthor and editor of "The Easy Bird Guide - Eastern Region"; John and Edith Bull, Gerald Gold and Pieter D. Prall; The Globe Pequot Press; 2006.

I used to go bird-watching in Prospect Park in Brooklyn quite frequently as I spent a lot of time out seaching for birds with John Yrizarry and (the late) Bernie Brennan. I had the first Swainson's Warbler in Prospect Park with (the late) Lee Cohen and once had a Bell's Vireo there too.

I am a former member of The Council of The Linnean Society too.

Anyway: My sister asked me to be in this show she arranged at St. Francis College - Callahan Center; 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, 11201. The show starts of the 3rd of December and ends on the 28th of December 2013. There will be an artist's reception there on Sundat December 15th from 2pm to 6pm and all are welcome if there are any interested bird-watchers who want to come. I will have about 10 pieces in the show.

I will have copies of The Easy Bird Guide - Eastern Region there to sell and autograph. If you are not familiar with this book it is a guidebook for beginners that John, Edith and I conceived in something like 1977. It was originally published by Macmillan Collier Books and after they went almost totally out of businesss we got the book back and resold it to The Globe Pequot Press. I rewrote sections of, reorganized and reedited the book at the time as John Bull was quit old and ill. He passed away shortly after we finished this project to get the books back out again.

If you might be able to circulate e-mail announcement on this show to your membership I would appreciate it. If you might be able to mail out pre printed and pre stamped postcard invitations on the exhibit I would appreciate it. We have the cards printed and I would provide the stamps for a mailing to your membership if anyone has the time for this. We could even have my sister take them to the Post Office as she lives in Brooklyn on Pierrepont Street.

If you want to comment on this request you can e-mail me at or call me at 973-615-1258. For reference: my sister's name is Jeanie Wing and her number is 718-852-4254. She gets back to people right away. FYI she is a retired High School Art Teacher.

Pieter Prall