Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fwd: possible Western Tanager today in Prospect Park?

Forwarding from tablet.desktop computer isn't well tonight ( very slow) but see attached WESTERN TANAGER report. I am inclined to say female bright adult WETA but will reserve consensus since this likely is a first timer good one.....

The area is from Ken's description is the south path along Breeze hill south flank, where the small pink concrete beach is. look for those black berries.

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Note : email received 8:11 tonight..Guess AOL was playing around with the message...

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Subject: possible Western Tanager today in Prospect Park?

Hello, Peter - We've not met, but I do follow your Prospect Park Bird  Sightings blog.  

I mostly bird in Central Park but sometimes in Prospect.  This morning around 10:30 am I was walking on the path that runs south from  Terrace Bridge right next to the lake (where you can look across the water  to the bench area on the east side of the Peninsula) and I saw what I first  thought (or assumed) was a female Orchard Oriole, and was able to get a few  not-so-great photos (attached).  Looking at them later, though, I realize  the bird looks much more like a (male) Western Tanager, which I thought  seemed pretty improbable for this area and this time of year.  Yet the  yellow upper wingbar and beak shape and color are consistent with this (and  not with anything else that I could find).  I wondered if you had any  thoughts as to ID.  Thanks.    Ken Pearlman