Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prospect Bald Eagle sighting today; Pectoral Sandpiper recs

From Klemens

Dear Peter,

 frustrated after missing the RHWO this morning for the 5th time (would be a lifer) I started photographing falling leaves until a second year Bald Eagle flew by over Nethermead to brighten my day. Photo attached.

Warm regards,


** KB note: looks like a 2nd year bird

Immature Bald Eagle over Prospect Park 11/7, photo taken by Klemens Gasser


Monday's Pectoral Sandpiper sighting seen by Doug Gochfeld was the 5th all time for Prospect.

here's the history

Pectoral Sandpiper      1     10/31/02    Baseball field
Pectoral Sandpiper      1     10/30/02    Nethermead
Pectoral Sandpiper      2     9/24/2001     Pools
Pectoral Sandpiper      1     10/8/99     Duck Island

Pectoral Sandpiper      1     5/10/1958     Prospect Park

 KB Note: On 9/24/2001 the Upper Pool was drained for rock fall reconstruction , hence a mudflat and the best collection ever of shorebirds then