Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Nature of the beast": end of the lakeside Red-headed Woodpecker ?

Nature is unforgiving sometimes , but that is the state of it. In a world of predator -prey situations, regardless of how rare or plain, or beautiful its prey is, the predator doesn't give a hoot.

I received information from Karen who met a birder visiting from New Jersey who witnessed the very dare deviled maneuver by a RED-TAILED HAWK grabbing something or slamming it in the tall ash  or Linden on the right cove though from the video sent me , you cannot discern the "object" of affection by the hawk  charging in. The birder, Pat,  said he was confident or possibly saw the vocal southwest Lakeside RED-HEADED WOODPECKER plucked or attacked by the hawk.

Below is his account and video. Its pretty amazing , astounding stuff , seeing the power of nature revealing its beastly nature. [Wait till the 15 th second]

Oh well,if true the RHWO was plucked and gone to bird heaven, then we all had hopes if its surely the Red-headed Woodpecker . (by the way, note the 1st RT Hawk on the right in the same tree  , yet inexperienced Woodpecker must have been really fooled)..

All I can say is this --4 things: Red-Tailed Hawks OWN THIS PARK ; 2)There's no joy in Mudville ( I was beginning to call the woodpecker "Casey") ;  3) There is no happy ending in the drama "Beauty and the Beast"  and 4) The pecker should 've kept its little trap shut..maybe it was a cussing pecker and the likewise junior hawk didn't like it (ooouuu, Brooklyn yoot is tough)

From Pat ( from New Jersey)


I was able to zoom in more on my phone when I got home but I don't have any good computer software so I'm hoping someone has a better program to view with so we can confirm if the Hawk flew off with the RHWP or not.
Here is what happened:

I started watching the bird at about 2:15 or so, and confirmed it was the same juvenile RHWP that I saw on other NY birders Keir and Kellen's ebird list this weekend on 11.9.12.  A few minutes later another birder, Ben (not sure last name), came by and confirmed the same bird I did and that he had been following it all week.  He moved on, I stayed for another 20-25 minutes watching the bird move between two trees on the peninsula. 

My phone camera wasn't taking any good pics due to no zoom plus the sky was washing out the shots.  Out of nowhere the RHWP started becoming very vocal, a minute or two later a Red-Tailed Hawk landed on a branch to the right of him (seen as the spot on the right in this video).  The RHWP continued to call so I figured I'd use my phone camera to at least tape the call so I could send to my good friend in New Jersey.   I'm not sure if the hawk on the branch distracted the RHWP but after a minute or two out of nowhere another Hawk came in and slammed into the RHWP.  I can't confirm if he flew off with the bird or not,
I tried to search for the Hawks to no avail, then I ran into Karen.
Let me know if you have any questions and sorry for the cruddy commentary, and although it was super windy should be able to identify the call over that factor.